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What our attendees have to says

“The event I attended thought me a lot about healthy ways to relax. I am very thankful to have been invited cause with my crazy schedule my wellness is definitely something I have to pay attention to. I also discovered new products that I still use today and met some amazing girls. After attending this event there’s no doubt that Shanila is a professional event coordinator, and she truly cares that everybody that is participating has a good time and feels welcome.”


“I have attended one of Shanila’s event last year and I was pleasantly surprised with her strong organizational skills. She is a diligent and extremely detailed oriented hostess. Her health and wellness workshop has been instrumental in the expansion of my social network amongst empowered and creative content creators. I had the chance to spend quality time with her during one of her event which allows me to vouch to that she’s a wonderfully positive individual. All in all, she possesses the level of professional etiquette that is hard to match among her peers. I can’t wait to attend any other event she might plan in the foreseeable future.”


“I really appreciate the hard work and effort Shanila puts into her events. She truly takes her time, pays attention to the smallest details, and creativity while putting together an event. The final event result always demonstrates this. Also, Shanila has shared closely with me several of the steps she has taken to perfect an event, and I am truly in awe as she always makes the events look effortless. I cannot wait to see more events in the future and definitely recommend a collaboration with her for anyone interested in taking their event to the next level!”


“The event I attended was really well organized and inspiring. I’m really shy girl so I was happy to be invited and forced to get out of my comfort zone.”


“I have had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand Shanila’s extraordinary planning skills. She skillfully connects like-minded individuals and creates a network of talented professionals. After attending the events she has organized and observing her outstanding organizational skills, I am more than happy to recommend her to any team.”


“She has the capacity to identify creative and talented people and put them together in 1 space to create an amazing and inspiring energy! I have been already in 2 events organized by her and have never disappointed me! Can’t wait to see what she is planing for 2020!”